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Virginia Okinawan Karate  martial arts for self-defense

Learn to Use Your Natural Body Movements for Proven Effective, Hard-to-Find, Self-Defense Karate. Plus reduce your stress, improve your self-control, get into better shape and have FUN!

Discover why our elders say Okinawan Karate is a pathway between self-defense and self-discovery.

It’s not enough to practice the karate martial arts you learned in your youth.  Now you can discover their effective original Okinawan Self-Defense Karate applications! 

For Beginners, too!

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Member of the Beikoku Shidokan Shorin Ryu Karate Association We report directly to Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Dan, the Senior-most Shidokan Master.

Virginia Okinawan Karate martial arts for self-defense may be for you if you are interested in:

     * reducing your stress,

     * improving your self-control,

     * getting in better shape,

     * improving life protection skills,

     * learning a proven-effective useful original self-defense martial art, and/or

     * having FUN in a cooperative, non-competitive environment:

       (When was the last time you did anything just for FUN?)

Then discover the hard to find, yet proven effective, easy to learn, natural body movements of original Virginia Okinawan Karate martial arts for self-defense.  Our instructor has over 35 years of experience teaching Self-Defense Karate to U.S. Marines, Embassy Security Forces, foreign security operatives, and people just like you.  Our Self-Defense Karate Martial Arts instruction is based on proven effective historical self-defense templates (kata) used by unarmed Okinawans since the early 1800s.  These templates and self-defense applications still effectively function today.  In each class, you will learn, practice, and perfect Shidokan Shorin Ryu self-defense karate katas (Video link here) and their realistic, proven effective adult self-defense karate martial arts applications through partner drills (Kumite and bunkai). These will soon become natural reactions so you don’t have to think about what to do to defend yourself.

The hardest part about learning original Virginia Okinawan Karate martial arts for self-defense

is just making the decision to attend your first class!


Develop your self-confidence and skills to avoid a violent confrontation, or if unavoidable, competently and quickly end it.


“Make Friends Through Karate!”

                         — Seikichi Iha, Hanshi, 10th Degree

Short time offer:   

Try THREE (3) Fun Self-Defense Karate Classes absolutely FREE with no pressure to continue.  


Come to your first class a couple minutes early, tell Roberto you want to try your three FREE Fun Self-Defense Karate Classes.  Smile and have fun as you practice with the rest of the class and try to get your body to duplicate the movements.  Repeat.  (We all started once and remember the frustration of your body failing to comply with your expectations.  No one will criticize you, laugh at you, or try to impress you with their skills.)


Join only when you are convinced our training gets you into shape, increases your flexibility, reduces stress, improves self-control and boosts life saving skills.  

Usually, new members bring up their membership questions before we even get around to addressing it with you.

You can start reducing your stress, gaining more self-control, getting in better shape and having FUN today!  Hey!  Beach season is around the corner.  Is your body beach ready?

Obviously, no sales pressure nor contract stress because  you pay only for the months you attend self-defense Karate classes.

adult self defense karate martial arts training at Northern Virginia Okinawan Karate
Most unarmed confrontations start with a grab or push.  You will learn to use your traditional karate block (above) for effective self-defense (below) so your attacker will just leave you alone.
adult self defense karate martial arts training northern virginia okinawan karate shorin ryu shidokan

You trained with the rest, now train with the Best! A life long journey in a friendly atmosphere coupled with practical applications. After training with us, you can stop buying the videos and books and learn first hand applications of self-defense karate kata. Sensei and students alike are genuine and not “ballers.” No matter your age, just show up and train. You won’t be disappointed.

Alexandria, VA, 9/8/2014

Pat Hughes

NOrthern VA karate martial arts black belts

A few of our Black Belts

Robert teaching beginner
adult karate martial arts throws
block then punch

I am 27 and had never done karate before. I had always wanted to try it but was afraid I was too old and starting too late in life. I was wrong. Sensei Roberto is amazing teacher who is patient and understanding every step of the way. I not only learned technique but practical application to help me defend myself, if I ever needed to, and in many different situations. Not only was Sensei Roberto fantastic but so where all the other students, always willing to take extra time to work with me. If you are new to karate I greatly recommend this dojo. If you have been doing karate for a while and are looking for a new dojo I still recommend this dojo. You get traditional Okinawan self-defense karate with a wonderful skilled instructor. I absolutely love this dojo.

Alexandria, VA, 6/29/2015 Rebecca E

2 years ago
Great instruction, talented students, and exceptional learning environment for the beginner to the advanced. Roberto Sensei keeps each lesson motivating and challenging. There are several skilled black belts and brown belts to assist with learning correct techniques, kata, and even sparring. The dojo facility is spacious, and there is plenty of parking. Students are taught traditional Okinawan Self-Defense Karate techniques, as well as the history and culture of the Beikoku Shidokan karate style.
Roundhouse Kick (Anonymous)

Virginia Okinawan Karate martial arts kusanku sho block/strike
Denise nukite on Chris

Class Times:


  • 7:00 PM Monday
  • 7:00 PM Wednesday
  • 10:00 AM Saturday

Contact us now for your 3 Free trial classes!

call/text 703310-9596 or

email: robertoshidokan@gmail.com

FEARLESS Woman two-hour self defense training available. Private lessons available by request.

Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church  Sanctuary 10125 Lakehaven Court, Fairfax Station (Burke), VA 22015 (Major Intersection: Fairfax County Parkway and Burke Lake Road)